Sunday, October 30, 2011

Block Printing with Kids

Friday afternoon I gave a little print making class for a small group of 10+ year olds sponsored by our local library and a grant from Alaska Airlines.  We used 'softcut' printing blocks and Speedball linoleum cutters which the kids handled with ease to create Halloween-themed images which they first designed, drew on paper and transferred to their blocks.

cutting a block
inking a block
carefully placing print paper over her block
a young witch inks her block

four colors of ink were offered

Jack-O-Lanterns were a popular design

a scary Jack-o-Lantern
a fearsome Halloween cat
a scene with ghosts
Happy Halloween to all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daily Drawing

I continue to set aside 15 minutes to an hour most evenings to draw in my sketchbook.  The time is well-spent, relaxing me before I go to bed as well as keeping my eye-hand coordination sharp and tuned up for studio work.
I am using a small (5x7) Moleskine book with rather thin paper, suitable only for dry media, which is fine for my purposes.  These drawings are completely unplanned, evolving in response to the lines themselves.

Some times I do not finish a drawing in one evening, and continue the next night.  (This one is a thank you to my blog-friend, Els).

The drawings are a way to unwind and reflect on my day.  Some I understand...

and some are just mysteries.  Some have lots of color...

 and some I leave mostly lines

You can have a look at all my drawings in my Flickr account.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Studio Week

Outside we are being bludgeoned by the rains of October.
Inside my studio color, warmth and light prevail as I continue working on my December exhibit.

 My sewing machine hums along hours at a day, trusty and true.

Beading is ongoing as well. I find that having multiple works in process  simultaneously is a good way to move along.

Here is a detail of the way I am binding the work, overcasting the raw edges with binding fibers and a zigzag stitch.  The batting is felt, or two layers of flannel.

A detail of  a small piece, procion on cotton; the gold hands are acrylic paint, stamped on...

and one more glimpse, beads of rain falling on rocks on the upper right.  The rainy season is influencing me!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The studio days flew by this week stitching away on new work.  Have a look at some close-ups:

machine and hand stitching on procion-painted cotton (detail)

machine stitching on procion-painted cotton (detail)
A break in the rain at lunchtime drew Flossy and I down to the floats for our noon walk.  So many shades of blue reflected in the calm water of the South Harbor...

This graffiti caught my eye, echoing images in the pieces I am working on.

machine stitching and acrylic on procion-painted cotton (detail)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - we are going after cranberries again tomorrow, rain or shine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Weather

Favorite time of year for us here, the rare 'nice' (translation: not raining) days made sweeter by the certainty of months of snow and ice soon to come.
Noble Sir Flossy
Flossy enjoys the muskeg as we pick the bumper crop of wild cranberries. 

When our backs get too sore to put up with any more stoop labor, we hike along the slough.  (So nice to have The Sailor home again)!


 In the studio, these upstarts wait on the wall for tomorrow when I begin my art-work-week.  What are you looking forward to this week?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Work this Week

Back in the studio again, stitching away on work for my show in December.  You may remember seeing this image when I was painting it. 

detail of work in progress - 'Forest Keeper I' procion on cotton
detail of work in progress - '30,000 Feet' procion and oil stick on cotton
'30,000 Feet' was inspired by my recent long, long plane rides - staring out the window at huge clouds, layering themselves over the Pacific 30,000 feet below: lots of great daydreaming opportunities, and seeing castles in the billows.

The internet is down at our house - I am posting this from the public library (thank goodness for free wifi).  The big storm two weeks ago is still causing problems around here.  We lost lots of our big beautiful trees on our property.  The Sailor is calling it the Tree Holocaust.  I can't bring myself to take pictures to show you - too sad. 
At any rate, hoping to be back on the Information highway early next week.  Creative blessings to you until then!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Gift from Els

Recently, Els and I agreed to swap drawings.  Here is the one she sent me:

I love the rainbow snake, whose tail forms a spiral, as the snake is my Totem Animal.  Notice the little felted heart in the lower right?

Here is the other side - a second snake!  WEARABLE!  Imagine my surprise when this little treasure arrived in my mailbox!  Thank you to Els.   Making friends In Other Parts of the World is one of the best things about blogging!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Singapore Late September 2011


I am home and want to give you all a glimpse of some of the sights I saw as I wandered this incredible city. If you ever have the chance, GO THERE! The people are just the friendliest and kindest.


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