Friday, December 28, 2012

A Hot Dog Book

I have been thinking a lot about a post by Linda Germain which I read before Christmas, advising “use what you have”. 

What I have LOTS if right now are ‘less than successful’ gelatin prints on plain copy paper, the wages of learning this addictive new mono printing process.

SO – the Hot Dog Book.  Book artist Susan Gaylord uses recycled paper to make these sweet little booklets with kids, and has a great tutorial over at her web site. 
The first one I folded ‘wrong’ so it turned out long and narrow – perfect shape to fit inside a long tall cover.  I cut out and gesso-ed two house shapes from thin cardboard packaging, and then mono-printed both sides on my Gelliplate to make my book covers.

I glued three signatures together with YES paste, and then glued the pages to the covers. 

Use what you have – great words to live by as we enter the New Year.  
What's inspiring you as the old year passes? 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas.

Wishing you light and love.
Thanks to all who have stopped by this little backwater of Blogland in the past year to leave a comment or just have a look.  With hopes for a really amazing new year, 
sus, Flossy, WW and the Orange Boys

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Waiting

Outside in our woods, under the clear sky, snow covers everything.  It is very cold and very still.
The sun is gone by 3 pm.
William and Flossy have a concern with recent changes indoors.
There is a Tree on the dining room table!
Thomas ...
... and Bertram stay cozy by the fire as we wait for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shelter - DC

Renilde, a wonderful painter and blogger extraordinaire came up with this week's drawing challenge, 'shelter'.  As someone who has used a house symbol in her work for years, I seized the theme naturally, and found it a great subject for monoprinting on the early Christmas gift my mother gave me: a Gelli plate.

These monoprints are all done on a 9x12 gelli plate using acrylic paint.

I found that I liked the way my Golden acrylics performed better than the Liquitex brand I got on sale recently.

I stayed up far too late last night working into my monoprints with watercolors and inks.

The acrylic acts as a resist, and the possibilities are ENDLESS!

This is an example of a 'ghost'print - what happens when you pull a second print from the plate.

Sorry about the quality of these photos - no natural day light available around here right now...  (also sorry to be a bit tardy in posting my DC).

I am using freezer paper to mask out my houses and ladders.

The circle was made with a selvage strip of fabric.

Monoprinting is one heck of alot of fun, and working on gelatin - as Linda Germain does - or the Gelli plate which is sort of a permanent gelatin plate - makes it possible to do so without a press.  Linda's blog is packed with generous how-tos and tutorials, plus her own art which is vastly inspiring.  Gelliarts also has a blog with many tutorials and loads of inspiration.

As I sat in the pool of warm light at my dining room table last night happily coloring my prints, I reflected on the comfortable shelter our home is.  Outside the snow came down, while me and my pets were cozy inside.  Grateful?  YES - absolutely.


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