Thursday, October 2, 2014

What I am doing these days

I have been falling down on my promise to post each week mostly because I have been reading books with the time I usually spend in Blogland.  (Highly recommended are 'Finn and Lady', ' In the Woods' and 'Sous Chef').  
acrylic on canvas, 24"x36" - no title yet
 Work at the studio is going great as the autumn progresses.  

acrylic on canvas, 18"x24", no title yet
 Acrylic on canvas, paper and plywood panels with paper collage has been the focus.  
Also continuing with etching at Pratt, which is playing into my images in interesting ways.
 I am enjoying the wide range of botanicals that call Seattle home.

 After work I have a choice of dozens of enchanting venues for our walks.  This is along the ship canal near Fremont.
Wishing you a glorious fall (or spring, if that is your hemisphere's season).


  1. wonderful paintings Susan, love the colors, layers and designs.
    your reading and walks look and sound wonderful.
    sweet autumn to you ~

  2. sus, i love this painting... that spear/teardrop in the top left - oh!

    read on, paint on...


  3. Great colours my dear Sus ! In your paintings ... and in Nature ....
    (no Salmon berries here ?)

    Mmmmmm reading is soooo good ! Though it might appear you've
    dóne nothing ... ;-)

  4. I love the paintings, especially the big one. Luscious.

  5. I've been thinking about you, sus...
    Love your paintings! You mentioned work -- are you working at a job? or did you mean working at your art??
    Have a glorious fall weekend. xo

  6. Your paintings are wonderful! Are you going to post some of your etchings? I would love to see them...

  7. hi!
    maybe you want to join the DC
    i am hosting!


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