Saturday, December 13, 2014

I have a new website

Thanks to a recent workshop put on by local Seattle non-profit, Artist Trust, I have launched a new website.  The new site is an on-line gallery of my paintings and collages.  I will continue to maintain my blog here, perhaps posting more often again at some point in the future.  To see a comprehensive selection of my latest work, please come have a look at my new gallery.

'Hole in Daddy's Arm' acrylic on canvas, 19"x27"


  1. Sus, I love this piece. I will check out your new website; congrats!

  2. Sus, it looks FABULOUS and I wish you every success with your art-making !! Can't believe I missed your Open Studio on the 6th ... did I know about it? Would have certainly tried to venture down - hope it was grand !

    Ok, got two little suggestions for your new website: 1st, WHERE is a picture of Flossy??? and 2nd, could you put a clickable tab up in the top for your Gallery [front] page? because after I clicked thru to your Artists Statement, Resume, & News pages the only way I could get back to your Gallery was backarrow, backarrow, backarrow ... you catch my drift.

    Lovely stuff over there, going exploring some more now ;>]]

  3. Fabulous to see you back here again and on your new website, Sus!

  4. Your work looks fabulous on the website!

  5. Looks fantastic! Congrats on a lot of hard work :)

  6. Hi my dear Sus !
    The blues,yellows and greens are gorgeous !

  7. So glad to see you back! I love your new website...reflecting lots of change! Hope the holidays are being good to you...Gilly says Woof!


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