Sunday, April 13, 2014

'Hat/Cap' DC

The loverly Fairy friend Tammie Lee of the blog Beauty Flows was the proposer of this week's Drawing Challenge, one of my favorite pieces of clothing apparel: hats!

I have always been a hat wearer, ever since I was a toddler.  Probably came by it honestly, as a love handed down from my Dad's Dad who we called 'Pop'.  He had quite a collection, and wore them all - from fez to pork pie, top hat to bowler, cowboy, straw boater and everything in between.

Easter is less than a week away, with its Easter Bonnets.

'That's Some Hat!' pencil and watercolor in 5x7 moleskine sketchbook
I traveled home to Seattle this afternoon and sketched the cap beside me as we waited for deicing operations.  (It was snowing in Denver).

It is great to be back on the west coast, ready to start at the new studio later in the week.
Head over to Tammie's for a closet full of hats and caps by many creative friends.  See you there!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nest DC

The bare and barely leafed deciduous trees of early spring here in Denver provided good views of the subject of this week's drawing challenge.

The days have been cool and changeable here, breezy and showery.  We have been hard at work getting my parents ready for a big move later this year.  It has been good weather for hauling boxes.

'Spring Nest' pigma pen and watercolor in 5x7 moleskine sketchbook
Many more wonderful artists are feathering nests over at the beautiful blog of Ariane.  Fly on over for a peek.  I am about to alight there myself!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Upper 10

At last, we have moved in!  The new studio is ours!

Flossy was all sorts of help, of course.

She is a good little decorator, and knows all about 'Fang' Shui.

To the right is the free dresser I discovered half a block from our house yesterday.  Daughter and her pals helped me get it into my truck.  On Saturday, I got a couple of excellent work tables (see center and left) and two upholstered stools at a shop going out of business, and hauled them away for practically nothing.

One of the work tables even has a drawer.  
Flossy suggests that it would be a fine place to store dog treats.

I am going to Denver in the morning for a few days, and have a lot to look forward to when I come back!  
What are you grateful for this week?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Drawing Challenge: Water

Patrice had us thinking about water, so blessedly abundant here in the Pacific Northwest. 
In the neighborhood on Friday morning, rain clung to the delicate branches of this newly sprouted bush.
Just the day before, this was the scene as Daughter and I took Flossy around Greenlake.

Water-creatures were out basking.
Public art seen along the Elliot Bay trail this blustery afternoon...

...ends up here, draining fresh water into the Bay.
 In many parts of the world, water is in scare supply and some have to walk miles each day for enough of this precious stuff to survive. 
I never take water for granted.
Being by water refreshes and restores serenity.
'Water Works' - pencil and watercolor on 180 lb. cold press paper, about 6"x4"

Float on over to Patrice's always-refreshing blog for more water images from a myriad of marvelous artists participating in the drawing challenge this week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Searching for Rythm

Visiting the Sailor last Friday, we took a walk at Point Defiance State Park as the day ended.  Mt. Rainer was looming wonderfully.

Driving back to Seattle, I took Highway 509 rather than the so-called freeway, I-5, and was rewarded with a nice sunset along the waterway.

This road parallels the canal where his ship was tied up, loading cargo for Anchorage - that's it, behind the pleasure fleet.

I am still a woman without a country in some ways, not in my studio yet, trying to get a rhythm going in this exciting new place.  Each day is an adventure of discovery.  
Hope you are enjoying the week.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

roY g biv

Happy First Day of Spring, Northern Hemispherians!  Yellow is the color of the month for Roy G. Biv players.  Here's my collection:
Daffodils abound at the Public Market and in neighborhoods all around the City.

Yellow Fin spuds - Yummy!

Jelly fungus found on a downed branch around my Alaska property.

I spotted these dashes of yellow at the Port of Tacoma last Friday when we went down to grab the Sailor off his ship for a quick visit.
 There is plenty more yellow to bring in the spring on view via links at Jennifer's excellent blog.  See you there!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Studio - Before

I rented my new studio last week, and am waiting anxiously to move in.  Here is a shot of the space facing the east wall.

The current tenants will be out shortly.  I really like my turquoise floor.

Waiting to move in is hard.  I feel starved to paint - it has been a long hiatus, and although drawing and photography have kept my visual eye amused, I long for the feel of deep immersion that studio hours provide.

We found a great trail yesterday afternoon, and walked along the ship canal for a mile or two.

Daughter, Instagramming along the way...

I am treasuring these last days of winter, making the most of these waiting moments.


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