Sunday, August 3, 2014

In Flossy's Opinion

Well, finally I am allowed to give my Views on Life again.  Much has changed since our relocation to The City.  We live in an Apartment but it really seems more like a house especially since we got furniture, and we have an actual yard.
I am constantly on the alert in my new yard.

I have made many friends here.  
Meeting Other Dogs is one of the best parts of living in The City.  I met this chap at a recent street market.
My Grandparents live with Pogo, who is my best friend.  I lived at their house in Denver for some time this spring, but we all live here now.  Pogo’s apartment has an elevator, and lots of Other Dogs live there.
Pogo and I get many treats but also get warned not to bark so much, even though we are well within our rights.

Some things never change.  Mother still goes to her studio and relies on me to do calculations for her all day long.   

We still take at least two walks every day in fascinating neighborhoods with beautiful gardens and many cats.   

Sometimes we walk down to the Ship Canal where I visit with the ducks and geese.
There is a good beach, and fine woods.   

The big problem is the squirrel population.  They do not respond to my barking at all.  Mother says I will get a sore throat.   


  In summary, so far a moving goes I find truth in the old adage ‘wherever you go, there you are’, which seems to mean that a Dog is about as happy as it has a mind to be.  
 I hope you are enjoying a fine summer (or winter) where ever you are! 


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