Monday, July 28, 2014


In the flurry of this summer’s extraordinary events, I have pushed my musings here to the back burner.  
Under the Ballard Bridge, 5:54 am

On the Morning Walk yesterday, I wondered if I want to remain committed to maintaining a presence in Blogland and decided: YES, the rewards of participating in this community are rich, providing inspiration at every turn.  

View out the window riding Metro downtown last week
So, I here-by officially re-commit to regular visits and regular postings here.  Flossy may even get a chance to say a word again soon.

A random stack of papers on my table yielded this surprising little accidental collage when I moved things around in the studio last Thursday.

From last week, an as-yet untitled acrylic on paper, 8"x8"
Last Tuesday I began the 'Twenty Print Challenge' workshop at Pratt.  I was more than a bit nervous, returning to etching after twenty years!  Would the waters be too deep?  Knowing that the only way to overcome fear is to go right on through I took the plunge and found myself up to the challenge. 

Press setting for my copper etching plate which is a bit thicker than the other print makers are using.
Being back on a press again is thrilling magic.  I also think being involved in another medium cross-pollinates one's other practices in interesting ways. 

ink, acrylic and charcoal drawing on brown paper bag
Print number one of the Twenty Print Challenge!
In other news, moving into our own apartment in a quiet building on a shady and secluded side street has made life a lot less jagged and opened the way for some small routines to begin to emerge.  
Sunset at the Locks
 Serenity is much closer at hand.  

Now if Flossy could just do something about all these pesky squirrels...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

DC - What's That?

What's that?
Often asked of myself when painting away...
...and sometimes unanswered for months.
'Ladder to the Full Moon' - acrylic on paper, about 8"x8"
My talented friend Carole is the host of this Drawing Challenge.  Take a look at her interesting place for links to lots more artists grappling with 'what's that'.

(inspired by the full July moon sailing over Seattle this weekend)


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scene, Recently #36

pigma pen in 8"x6" sketchbook

I arrived down here in Seattle on March 7.  Today is July 9.

Four months.

Not a whole lot of time in the Great Scheme of Things.  And, I have to consider the month-plus I spent in Colorado, helping with my parent’s move; so, a little less than three months actually here.  
'When I Say I Know, I Don't.  When I say I think, I shouldn't' - pigma pen in 8"x6" sketchbook
 Maybe it’s understandable that I haven’t quite got a rhythm going yet, that I am feeling a bit jagged, anxious, lonely from time to time.

Saturday Flossy and I walked around Green Lake, that Eden refuge just a short drive away from our temporary housing arrangement on a noisy, traffic ridden arterial.  The day was overcast, muggy, mysterious.  We got showered upon several times as we made our way around enjoying the views, the other walkers (human and canine), and the abundant greenery.  We felt refreshed, enthusiasm restored, grateful.

Yesterday I enrolled in an etching class which will start in two weeks and continue through the end of the MMDJ and beyond.  Getting back on a press is one of the reasons I wanted to move back here to the city.  I also reached out to some other artists in the national guild I belong to, and anticipate involvement in new ventures with joy.  

Just for today I have hope.  I am on the right path (one definition of which: course of action or conduct).   I will settle into new rhythms.  New friendships will be made and strengthened.  Relationships will heal.  Just for today, I am going to celebrate exactly where I am.

'Sit, Stay' - pigma pen in 8"x6" sketchbook


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