Sunday, February 21, 2010

19 and 20

'Babayaga IV - Flutter' (18.5" x 15.25")

'Babayaga IV - Flutter' (detail)

'Congregation' (32" x 19")

'Congregation' (detail)
It was a very good feeling to complete the 19th and 20th pieces for my Ketchikan show this past week. I had an excellent critique session with a colleague yesterday afternoon who got me thinking about presentation of these and my older, shaped pieces. Great ideas which have my thoughts soaring in new directions.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cathedral City and Levels Ascending

'Levels Ascending' (32.5"x18.5")

'Levels Ascending' (detail)

'Cathedral City' (32"x20.5")

'Cathedral City' (detail 1)

'Cathedral City' (detail 2)
These began by monoprinting with thickened black procion dye, then turning the image over and painting with colors after the black had almost dried. For "Levels Ascending, I worked into the piece with acrylic paint during the quilting process.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

In Progress

My sewing machine at 3:30 this afternoon, machine quilting in progress.

Today I completed machine quilting another procion dye painting (left) and continued work on another (right). These are each approximately 33"x15".

Last week I finished another two pieces for Birds of a Feather, my exhibit with painter Carmel Anderson at the Ketchikan Arts and Humanities Council Main Street Gallery, May 2010. This one is called 'Midsummers Night Dream' and is 18.75"x15.75", procion dyes painted on cotton and machine quilted.
Detail, 'Midsummers Night Dream'

Public Art for Petersburg

I am involved in a visual improvements project for our town's tour ship dock, working with a group of artists and a pot of state grant money to create a low-relief metal sculpture 250 feetlong by approximately 4 feet high along the dock approach guard rail. Here is my sketch from our meeting and the completed 1/4-scale conceptual drawing I did Thursday this week.


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