Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Time Outdoors

Our camping trip out the road was so relaxing and memorable.  Here, have a look:
Saturday the skies were overcast but no rain, and warm.

Our camp was in the woods, right along the shore at Green's Camp.
Titus and Flossy setting up camp.

The beach combing was good.

Ziva was definitely the ring leader of the four-dog pack.

Brother Rex - a sweet boy!

Cherie scrubbing Ziva, who made the mistake of rolling in something dead and had to be bathed in the tide.  (Ziva had no regrets)!

Titus didn't quite get the whole 'play in the tide' thing.

Sunday morning dawned crystal clear and gorgeous.

We stayed out all day, exploring and enjoying.  Lots of huckleberries ripe already.  I did some picking.

Hope your week is going well and you are finding some time to get outdoors. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gone Camping

All of this will wait until I get back.

Have a refreshing weekend!  Flossy and I are going camping.
See you Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stitching Continues (Until Morale Improves)

At my studio, work on finishing the monoprints on cotton continues.  The process is such fun - drawing with my sewing machine to develop the imagery in each print.
'Misty Morning' - gelliplate monoprint with machine stitching, 11"x8"

'Summer Smoke II' - gelliplate monoprint with machine stitching, 6.25"x5.5"

'Twenty' - gelliplate monoprint with machine stitching, 6.25"x4.75"
For these prints, I used a combination of Akua-color monoprint ink, Golden Open acrylic paint and regular Liquitex acrylics bought on sale.  My preference is the Golden Open acrylics, but I am learning the ropes with the Akua-color inks which are quite thin and are best applied in a very thin layer.  (If you ask me).

Off to the Mighty Mighty Day Job and then I am back to stitching.  What are you up to this week in the way of creating?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Library

Our town is small – the only town on a small island...
...accessible only by water or air...

...and 60-plus miles from the nearest community of any size.  

 People here are commercial fishers, for the most part.

We just got a new pavement on Main Street this summer.
This fall we will be getting a new library.   
The old library will be closing for good this Friday. 

Since long before I moved here the library has shared space in the 1960’s-vintage municipal building. That's it there on the second floor, left corner.

The night deposit bin.

Flossy is a frequent visitor.

The facility is small, crowded, worn, heavily used...

 ...well loved.

Flossy calls the library the town living room.

 The new library will be fabulous when it opens in late September. 
Flossy is hoping that there is an position on the staff for official mascot so she can continue to go along with us to check out books as there will be no dogs allowed in the new library, alas.


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