Sunday, May 16, 2010

ACRE Walls and Floorcloth

This week I completed the walls for my booth at ACRE LasVegas: 4 - 5' wide x 8' tall canvas panels with grommets at top and bottom.
Here are they are, all folded up for packing.  Huzzah, they won't take up that much space in my luggage.
I also painted a 5' x 8' canvas floorcloth.  Flossy had a hard time staying off of it when it was wet.  Below are detail photos.


  1. Beautiful work! If you want your floorcloth to lie flat, use heavier canvas (at least 18 oz -or #8) Available at

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Love the colors and composition. Thinking of you as you are in final preparation for ACRE. DB


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