Sunday, August 3, 2014

In Flossy's Opinion

Well, finally I am allowed to give my Views on Life again.  Much has changed since our relocation to The City.  We live in an Apartment but it really seems more like a house especially since we got furniture, and we have an actual yard.
I am constantly on the alert in my new yard.

I have made many friends here.  
Meeting Other Dogs is one of the best parts of living in The City.  I met this chap at a recent street market.
My Grandparents live with Pogo, who is my best friend.  I lived at their house in Denver for some time this spring, but we all live here now.  Pogo’s apartment has an elevator, and lots of Other Dogs live there.
Pogo and I get many treats but also get warned not to bark so much, even though we are well within our rights.

Some things never change.  Mother still goes to her studio and relies on me to do calculations for her all day long.   

We still take at least two walks every day in fascinating neighborhoods with beautiful gardens and many cats.   

Sometimes we walk down to the Ship Canal where I visit with the ducks and geese.
There is a good beach, and fine woods.   

The big problem is the squirrel population.  They do not respond to my barking at all.  Mother says I will get a sore throat.   


  In summary, so far a moving goes I find truth in the old adage ‘wherever you go, there you are’, which seems to mean that a Dog is about as happy as it has a mind to be.  
 I hope you are enjoying a fine summer (or winter) where ever you are! 


  1. Flossy, I'm so glad to read your post and see your new surroundings. You seem to have adapted well to all the changes, and it's nice to see your friends. Practically right next door to me is a dog who looks a lot like you except he is a different to you from Gilly in California!

  2. Ever the wise one, Flossy! Glad your loving your new digs. xo to you and your mum, from Beeg and Connie

  3. Nice to have a lot of dog friends around, I bet, Flossy!

  4. Flossy, I admire your ability to view the situation philosophically, and have to agree with your assessment that wherever you go, there you are. ;-)

  5. dear flossy, I'm happy you like your new home and your new friends!
    have a good time, dear sus!!
    :-) mano

  6. I agree with Flossy entirely - ' wherever you go, there you are.' a wonderful quote for sure. I enjoyed getting Flossy's opinion, and seeing some wonderful summer time images.

  7. love your flossy theme here... how original, sus, x n♥

  8. Hi, Sus. Delightful post. Sounds like the big changes have been challenging and productive. I had some second thoughts about blogland as well, but you're right. It's such an interesting place to be. Really liked your painting on a brown paper bag. Wish I could get brown paper bags here!
    Have a good end-of-summer!
    best, nadia

  9. in my opinion...? ...

    the DC {drawing challenges} is back! come and check out our new theme. you are very welcome. n♥ x


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