Friday, September 24, 2010

Silk Fibers from Fancy Tiger

My mom and I drove up Broadway toward downtown Denver to find a little gem of a yarn shop called Fancy Tiger.  I was able to purchase two types of silk fibers for my silk paper projects.  The Tiger also has a nice line of unusual cotton fabrics, cool notions, wool roving and a deep array of yarns in drool-producing colors to mention just a few treasures.

Silk noil is very short, fine silk fibers that are a byproduct of silk thread production.  I bought 2 ounces, which is quite a bit of volume.

Tussah silk is produced by allowing the wild silk moth (Bombyx mori) to mature and emerge from its cocoon prior to harvesting.  This silk is caramel color and not as quite as smooth as mulberry silk, which is pure white.  2 ounces of tussah silk roving is pictured here.

Thank you, Fancy Tiger!  See you next time I am in Denver.

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