Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tongass Rain Forest Festival Art Show

The well-attended opening was Friday night at the Clausen Museum here in Petersburg.  I helped Annabelle hang the 60 plus pieces the day before, and set the lights myself Friday afternoon.  I was pleased with the response to my work, shown here in situ.
I used one of the window niches to display three of my pieces, from left to right: 'Artifact'; 'Lichen Angel'; 'Mosquito Town'. 

'Artifact' is the muslin figure which I buried in my woods July 15 and exhumed on September 2.  I plan to re-bury this piece after the show comes down and re-exhume her for next year's Rain Forest exhibit.

Here is a detail of her face, which utilizes an interestingly perfect piece of rust from the side of the road, found on my afternoon walk the day I made her.

The little 'Deer Woman' got to be displayed by herself.  She was proud (and nervous) to be the first piece inside the entrance to the gallery.


  1. oh! deer woman looks so brave! and 'artifact' so lovely... they make me want to make dolls...

  2. Thank you, both - This is a new foray for me, the 3-dimensional world. Lots of fun to make dolls, took me back to child-hood a bit. Give it a go, Lynne!


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