Friday, March 4, 2011

I am off to Juneau today - very exciting to be getting 'off the rock' at last - I have not traveled further than 10 miles from home since September!  Yesterday I finished up some projects in the studio, always a good feeling.  Here is the jacket for the local wearable art extravaganza next month:
Jacket - front
Jacket - back
Jacket - lining
I must say I am disappointed with the fit - it 'swims' on me, as my grandmother would have said - but think I can correct this with clever addition of ties at the sides somehow.
Detail - I had to figure out my own construction method to line this unlined pattern (a 'Park Bench' design), which was a fun challenge and allowed for adding a bit of interest with covered seams inside the garment (gold and black check).  I loved the pattern maker's 'permission slip' which was included in the envelope, encouraging freedom to alter the construction at will!
I will see you when I get back to the island on Sunday (if the jet makes it in)!  Happy weekend to you.


  1. a joyful coat of many colors..

    you will feel wonderful in it.

  2. Such wonderful work and so colorful. Hope your trip went well....

  3. That jacket is incredible! It looks like a drawing come to life. Beautiful.


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