Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making Scrap Cloth for Wearable Art

I always have way more scraps than common sense!  This fabric is fun to make and a terrific way to make use of excess scraps.  Here's how, adapted from a technique taught by Rachel Clark.
Collect lots and lots of random strips (1” to 2” wide x 6” to 18” long).
Sew the strips end to end until you have several meters or more of sewn strips. You don't have to worry about matching widths.  Go right ahead and sew randomly.
Chain piecing is the way to go.
When you have sewn together many many yards of strips, press the seams in one direction. Fold the long sewn strip in half so that the right sides are together and stitch all along one long side.   
 You don't have to be concerned that the raw edges meet exactly.  Sew merrily away.
Cut the fold at the end off and open, pressing the long seam in one direction. 
Repeat folding, stitching and pressing the long side until you have the width you need for your project.
I am using this scrap fabric for the front and back panels of a jacket for the wearable art extravaganza next month in our town.
Here is the back panel, ready to be cut out.  The sleeves and sides are of solid black cotton.  I am debating discharging the black with bleach. 

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