Sunday, September 18, 2011

Water Color Workshop with Andie Thrams

Saturday I had the privilege and pleasure to spend the day with Andie Thrams at her water color workshop given in conjunction with the Tongass Rain Forest Festival.  About a dozen of us met at the Blind Slough picnic shelter mid-morning.

After introductions and a short contemplation exercise, we loaded our water color palettes with two different greens, yellows, reds, blues as well as a purple and a brown.  Soon everyone was happily mixing colors.

Everyone's approach to the color mixing play was unique and reflected out individuality.

Color study, approx. 10"x10:
In addition to her amazing art journals Andie is a generous and gifted teacher.  The demonstrations she gave were mesmerizing.

We worked on several exercises during the course of the day, including finding and using 'magic sticks'.

Water color and ink applied with stick, approx. 10"x10"
The time flew by.  I was reminded of how much I love water color painting...

My landscape studies...approx. 10"x10"

and vowed to continue painting out in our beautiful forest from time to time in the future.  Andie stressed that recording our rain forest environment is honorable and important work.  (It's also tons of fun)!


  1. alrighty, now! that palette that andy is holding!! i'm gazing raptly at it!!

    i would've love this class, sus... and i love what you painted - the landscapes so simple, yet so expressive. there's something about watercolor paintings that is so *present* and fresh, i think. i've been pondering this very thing this weekend...


    p.s. what kind of paper were you using?

  2. WOW Sus, wish I'd been there!!!!!
    What a lovely place to work : outside yet sheltered.
    (though it looks a bit cold to me ;-) !!)
    Yes watercolour IS great, when I see this I know I should do it móre ....

  3. Oh how beautiful. Would love to have been there, too!

  4. Looks like a great workshop. I really like the idea of it being held outdoors on big sheltered picnic tables. The colour palette you worked with seems perfect for the autumn landscape. Painting with the magic stick sounds interesting. I love how it turned out!

    This Saturday I'll be in McMinnville, Oregon at a workshop with Katherine Dunn at her farm with the donkeys!

  5. Wish I was closer and could take a class.


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