Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seattle on Saturday

Note: This post was written Saturday 09-25 on the way to Singapore.  Poor internet connectivity at Seatac Airport prevented posting! 

Escaping the Island was filled with more than the usual amount of drama as a wind storm caused havoc Friday morning.  The jet was cancelled, and a good thing for me, too, since I was caught on the wrong side of a huge landslide across the road to town and the airport and would have missed my flight.  (No, I did not take any pictures of the slide – too torrential rainy to get out of my truck in my going-to-warmer-places clothes)!  Here is a drawing instead:

The south-bound jet did make it in and out of town with me aboard.  I woke up in Seattle, with the whole day stretched out before me like a festival.  Getting coffee at 3 Girls Bakery in the Public Market was the first thing of course.  I walked there through Seattle’s sculpture park along Eliot Bay.

Seattle waterfront - early morning

Claus Oldenburg's work in the Seattle Sculpture Park

Wandering around in the market as the vendors set up their wares is one of my favorite things to do.  Smells of fruit, herbs, vegetables, fresh fish, flowers, incense, bread, spices and frying food compete for my attention with the riot of colors and textures on display.  The noise is all traffic and people mixed with music coming from the earliest of the street musicians.  

View from my spot at the counter, 3 Girls Bakery

One of dozens of fresh flower stalls

Typical fruit and vegetable display - love the potato assortment, lower right!

A window display


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