Sunday, July 13, 2014

DC - What's That?

What's that?
Often asked of myself when painting away...
...and sometimes unanswered for months.
'Ladder to the Full Moon' - acrylic on paper, about 8"x8"
My talented friend Carole is the host of this Drawing Challenge.  Take a look at her interesting place for links to lots more artists grappling with 'what's that'.

(inspired by the full July moon sailing over Seattle this weekend)



  1. The details of your painting with the bumps and ridges reminds me of the glorious moon. Hasn't it been spectacular this week! It's 34*C at 10 o'clock at night. If it keeps up at this temp soon our moon will become golden from the haze. Thanks for joining in the fun, Sus. xo Carole

  2. wonder-ful composition! imagine... a ladder up to the moon, and go have a peek around... n♥

  3. I know these questions...but painting is also surprising ourselves:) eric

  4. un paysage, un chemin vers les vacances? beau!

  5. Nicely done Sus! Love the free flowing forms, colours and lines. Chloe is always saying "to the moon and back". I'm sending her your link so she can see your interpretation. Hope you have a lovely week ahead. :D

  6. Isn't that always a question we seem to ask ourselves.....but you have come up with such a great answer....a ladder up to the moon....perfect!

  7. Great painting, Sus; you have outdone yourself here! Have a wonderful week!

  8. Wonderful staircase to the moon (which wasn't to be seen here at all ...:-( !)
    Love the zooming out in those three pictures Sus !

  9. Wonderful I agree, a wonderful fairytale world!
    xo barbara bee

  10. love the title
    so wonderful to consider, love your playful piece


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