Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Little Rhythm, A Little Faith

The summer goes on and on here in Seattle, with much to do every day. 

I find influences in the streets and waterways of this place.   
My life is finally taking on a rhythm as fall approaches.  
Storefront in Belltown

Graffiti wall in Belltown

Belltown graffiti

Work in the studio is going well...

acrylic on canvas, work in progress

acrylic on 24"x36" canvas, work in progress
 ...and there is a new project started for my church here.
(if you look closely, you can see my assistant Flossy hard at work under the table)
The wonderful 20-Print Challenge at Pratt is over, and I start a new etching class this week.  
My completed prints: 20 images from one 9x12 copper plate
 I miss my house and my friends in Alaska so much 
but know that I am in the right place
here and now, 
in this city.  
Sometimes you just have to have a little faith.


  1. Amen to the here

    and now.

    best wishes on all your city ventures,

  2. Summer sunshine is in your work!
    I hope your homesickness will fade as your heart warms to the city.
    What are you up to in mid to late October?
    xo Carole

  3. HA you're starting something quite BIG again Sus !!!
    (I looked real close, but couldn't locate Flossy...)

    Love your paintings next to the graffiti ;-)

  4. belle association! beau travail!

  5. It seems that Seattle is inspiring you - those new paintings are brilliant! Faith, yes - homesickness is hard, but it will leave as your new place becomes home. Let me know if you're interested in participating in a blog hop; if so, I will give you the details!


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