Sunday, September 21, 2014

DC - Second-Hand

I have been a fan of shopping at second-hand stores since I a was a kid - always seems like a treasure hunt! 
My Mom and I bought my first real piece of furniture - an antique roll-top desk missing the roll-part - at a junk store in Englewood, Colorado when I was about 13, and I learned from her how to refinish furniture using that desk.

Just this afternoon my Mom and I set out again to find treasure at the thrift store. 
We were not disappointed!   
I could never in a million years bring myself to spend the kind of coin this designer label demands, even if I had that kind of coin!
But now I own a dress I can swish off to the ballet in with style, thanks to the second-hand store!  
Thanks to Joke for this week's drawing challenge.  For a look at more treasure from talented artists around the globe, go visit her artistic blog.


  1. une robe très belle et parlante.. souvenir !

  2. What a great find...the fabric is wonderful....guess from the 80s.
    Smiling about the designer label.

  3. that is true thrifting, if you ask me, and whenever i can snazz up a dsigner garment, my heart skips a beat. when's the dance, sus? cheers for your comment, makes me so happy. n♥

  4. Spending to much money when you can get it cheeper, ha, that's the story i like. (Mayby because I'm dutch). Beautiful dress for a danceparty. Nice pattern. This makes me smile. xj

  5. Ahhhhh ... great find Sus ! Love the dotted pattern
    (just bought a dress like that in my favorite store this summer,
    not second hand but not too expensive either ;-) )

  6. Great find and I agree its always like a treasure hunt and it is so satisfying if one hit a real bargain and I enjoy also that it is always a surprise because you never know whtat you came across. Congrats to this find!
    hugs barbara bee

  7. Oh, what a great dress!! Luckily it's too small for me, otherwise I would steal it! ;-)))

  8. Enter to a shop of second hand is feeling a little like a treasure discoverer, certainly. Have a good weekend !!! :)

  9. lovely dress! and I know it well, that hunting feeling...
    x Stefanie


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