Sunday, April 10, 2011

A bit of a setback...

Imagine our surprise: woke up to a snowy morning.  Of course, the walk must go on...

 The ice is all gone from the creek.  By afternoon, spring was convincingly here again.
  When Flossy and I got home, the onion skins I have been saving were whispering.  I followed India Flint's directions for cold-bundling a silk scarf, using vinegar for mordant. 
The tightly-wrapped bundle, ready to bag up.
Now the wait begins... India recommends at least one week, but I hope to leave it sitting longer, if I can stand the suspense! 
At the studio this week, clothing construction was my obsession, as I prepare for my trip to the SAQA Visioning conference and my folks in Denver in May.  Thinking of Zom, I modified this old pattern into what I hope will turn out to be a versatile 'dresslet'.


  1. Pretty fabrics. I'm trying to come to terms with machine sewing.

  2. Awww. I love the fabrics together, so original. Will you let us see the finished dresslet.
    I must give credit for 'dresslet' to Rice at the Voodoo Lounge blog.

  3. I wish I'd thought to do the bundle thing when I lived in Eureka and had access to eucalyptus leaves and bark. I'd even saved the stuff thinking I would simmer to make a dye solution ~ never imagined just tying a bunch of stuff up in fabric and letting it steep. Now I don't have access to a lot of stuff (and of course that euc stuff is long gone) but I will be on the lookout!

  4. Can't wait to see the results! one week is a loooong time when there's a treat waiting! d

  5. Oooh Susan snow again ....but how beautiful it looks: like lacy fingers stretching out to the evergreen pines !
    And yes: INDIA ! Her book is still waiting ;-) but I'm saving up onion skins tóó: brown AND red ones !! (I'll wait for the weather so I can play around outside)


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