Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dump Beach

I went with a friend out to the old town dump site on the beach along Frederick Sound. 

The day was bitter
 raw and windy.
Our fingers froze.
I saw root bones, bleached by the tide.

 Drift of all kinds has been cast up on this wild place so close to our little town.

Rags cast off years and years ago perhaps, linger here.

 Rust bones are scattered about, half-submerged in the stones.

The beach is rocky.  Countless bits of beach glass can be found - perfect for the mosaic project I will be working on with our Fifth Grade classes next month.
Braving the cold was worth it - here is my treasure trove.


  1. Wild and beautiful !!!
    nr 8 : a mermaid's flute ?
    The last one is like a glass universe-mandala: what beauty broken things can show ...

  2. Oh my! I could go wild there... I'd need a wheel barrow to take in all with me! Lovely warmth here today, but I bet that ocean keeps things cool for quite a while... I can feel the biting wind in your photos!

  3. A beautiful post. Much appreciated.

  4. So many good memories of picnics and play with the children at this beach! I can feel the bitter, cold wind, and see the worn glass and rust beneath my feet.


  5. So many wonderful finds.Tragic there used to be a dump site there.


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