Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daily Drawing

sketchbook page: pigma pen and prismacolor plus inktense pencils, 9x12
(drawn a few weeks back when I was taking showers in town due to lack of water at home)
 sketchbook page: pigma pen and prismacolor pencils, 9x12
sketchbook page: pigma pen and prismacolor pencils, 9x12

I spent the weekend working at the Lutheran Church Annual Basement Sale.  Around that I also completed my new 'dresslet', and dyed a group of samples for the workshop which I'll be teaching at the upcoming high school art fest.
This photo doesn't do justice to my dresslet - I got requests from my friends for me to make them one in every color when I wore it Friday night.
I took a cue from Connie Rose and was more intentional in my dye process - I did two identical dye runs with two different procion blacks, adding blue, red and golden yellow, respectively, first at 3 black to 1 color, then 1:1.  I will post pictures of the results tomorrow (forgot to take shot of them today).  Too tired to go on, so will say good night and escape into my sketchbook before bed. 


  1. The dress does look wonderful. And I really enjoyed the drawings....
    rain, rain, rain here in the northeast...

  2. Thanks for the link, Susan. Love your drawings, as always.

  3. I am completely knocked down by your dresslet. I gotta show Rice, the originator of the dresslet. Lined with polka dots!

  4. FABULOUS! The dresslet is absolutely fabulous!

  5. I like your daily drawings, especially the top one! The way you use the remaining pieces of the drawing (in betweens? ....have no better explanation, don't know the exact word for it ;-( ...) is what I like so much!
    (Ooo I would love to see those eagles !)


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