Monday, October 3, 2011

Singapore Late September 2011


I am home and want to give you all a glimpse of some of the sights I saw as I wandered this incredible city. If you ever have the chance, GO THERE! The people are just the friendliest and kindest.


  1. Beautiful photos, Sus. I was there in 1984 for a couple of days, on my way home from Bali. The "Pearl of the Pacific" is what they call Singapore. Glad you had a terrific time!

  2. Wow! Watched your slide show and enjoyed your tour. I hope I do get the chance. Have you been inspired? Can't wait to see how!

  3. Thank you, Connie and Carole! Pearl of the Pacific is very apt. Yes, I am inspired - all that color! Still trying to get adjusted to 'normal' life. best wishes, sus

  4. How fun! I enjoy your blog so much and the nice thing about blogs is that one can go backwards and catch the posts missed. Really liked the posts about your watercolor class and your mom. She makes a good point about the job options being limited for women when she was young. However, the good thing was that all those talented, bright women went into teaching and nursing and so there were so many good teachers and nurses. I can't think of one mediocre teacher that I had growing up. Now women have choices and educational careers pay so poorly...hmmmm. Looking forward to seeing what you do to "Trouble in the bone yard"--really exciting piece.
    best, nadia

  5. Looks like you had a nice time in Singapore. I was there a couple of years ago and, from some of your pics, maybe stayed in the same area.
    By any chance did you cross over into Johor Bahru (Malaysia)? Living in Japan and having visited several Asian cities, that was the first place I truly felt like I was in Asia (the ads are true!). You know those old movies where the white man/woman has a few drinks (or whatever) in some "exotic" locale and is suddenly overcome by the sights, the sounds, the faces, etc.? Well, I had more than a few drinks, and wasn't "overcome," but those old movies made a bit more sense to me...


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