Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daily Drawing

Big Fish - Prismacolor and Pigma pen in 5x7 Moleskine

Looking for the Light on the Shortest Day - pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 5x7 Moleskine

Bronco - sharpie marker and prismacolor pencil in 6x9 sketch book


  1. Wonderful drawings, Sus. Happy Day!

  2. Hi Sus, I'm happy to say I found some light on the shortest day.....the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky today!
    Love your drawings. I was so taken by the top 2/3rds of your "Big Fish" that I didn't even notice the fish until I read the title! :) Then I fell in love with him too.

    I've pre-posted 3 days worth on my blog as we leave tomorrow for PG. I can't remember what I did or said but it's done now. Until I return.........

  3. Love your brightly colored paintings, how great for the dark days. It is easy to cozy under a blanket and do nothing during these long days. Being creative is so good and yet difficult. I hope you have a happy holiday. Thanks for the comments left on my blog-I love it.

  4. Ha Sus, your fish is fun! Looks like he is kind of seeing the "opposite" colours: green and brown under water and the blue colour for the tree ....
    The second one I thought "you hadn't a clue where you put the chistmas lights last year" (before I read the title)
    On that third I'm glad to see the sketch lines (at last ... I can't do without them!)
    Always love to see your drawings

    (finally had time to get a fitting frame for your Snow goggles ... about time !!!)

  5. Fantastic drawings! Wonderfully imaginative!

  6. Hi, Susan. Love your drawings--thoughtful, whimsical, colorful...Have a happy holiday season!


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