Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rearrangements and a Walk

At the studio: a major re-arrangement, cleaning up and weeding out.  The dust flew.  Sacks of give-aways were trundled off to places in need.
Looking in from the entry area, see how clean the floor is?  My big ironing surface, recently recovered with two layers of felt for stamping, now parallels the other big work table.
I moved the sewing machines away from their former location under the windows where the sunshine made it impossible to stitch (on the rare occasions when the sun actually appears here).  Now I am facing the entry area when I sew.
At top center, the stacked boxes contain my weeded out fabric collection - reduced from two stacks side by side to just one.  I feel LIGHTER! 
Afterward, time to walk before dark.   
Flossy fording the creek.

kelp hanging from driftwood
Misty fog came and went, raising and lowering silently along the shoreline.

Our neighbor's boat won't be making any more trips this year.

The old painted surface of the keel deserved a closer look.
We came across an echo of those colors a bit further on.

On the split boulder, I saw...

the Venus of Mitkof Island. 
Next time, I want to show you the amazing kelp twists we came upon.  Off to the sketch book for now.  Good night!


  1. Good morning! Keel, kelp, rocks, Flossy, fog.....ohhhhhh I'm in visual bliss with my coffee in hand! It feels good to get the studio tidied and ready for the next wave of creative chaos.

  2. Kelp prayer flags....! Love re-organizing the studio, I've got a BIG job ahead of me to move the 30 feet and set up the new one in a few weeks when its done... yay!

  3. Hi Susan: I found you. How fun. Looking forward to digging deeper into your blog.

    Don Cornelius

  4. Welcome, Con and Karen! Great to have you stop by.

  5. Hi, Susan. Love your nature photos, as always. Very gray there! And wow! what a clean studio--I'm jealous! Wish I could see your show. It's interesting that you should speak of a turning point in your work. I never seem to get to any kind of turning point...things just seem to keep coming forward and expanding.
    Have a happy holiday season!
    best, nadia


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