Monday, December 26, 2011

Reflections While Shirking

Reflections at year end as we enjoy some quiet days off from the usual routine:

In the studio, fooling around on a piece for the Fiberactions challenge (due on January 15), feeling weary, stuck and empty-headed… 
detail of work in progress: stamping on vintage kimono silk
detail of work in progress: stamping on eco-dyed raw silk
This will pass, I know, but it’s uncomfortable as always when beginning to work again after a hiatus.  Others have wisely suggested that at the start of a break, it’s helpful to leave something in progress waiting for you – I wish I had!  Experience tells me that it will be ok, just get in there and make some chaos – the doors to my imagination will fly open again.

We have taken some good walks on these afternoons while I am shirking my studio, and I believe this time off will play into the next body of work.
What is your remedy for being blahhked?

By the way, thank you so much to all who read, comment and follow my blog - I plan to have a give away early in the new year to celebrate my anniversary. 


  1. All the best for the season. I think the secret is to never stop!

  2. Those mirror photos are so wonderful Sus, especially the one with the red haze on the trees !!!
    Dón't worry your creativity will flow again, no matter what! These "dips" are normal, you surely know that, just wait and see ;-) !
    (blogger acting funny again)

  3. sus, i think there is only one 'solution' for being blahhked, and that is to let it be. let the fermentation/gestation process happen. let go of the addiction to DOing. honoring this isn't easy for me - i've/we've been so programmed to be 'productive'.



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