Sunday, December 15, 2013

Garland - DC

What a fitting theme for this week's drawing challenge from Tiny Woolf Nadine!  Garlands are everywhere this time of year.

These shortest days in the Northern Hemisphere we have lots of lights festooning our house against the darkness.

 My kitchen is decked with garlands of twinkle lights.

Outside, too, many garlands of lights illumine the path to our doors.  (If you look closely to the right of Flossy, coming down the walk to greet her is William Wallace).

 The big old trees around here are garlanded with moss year round.

 When I was visiting Lopez Island in Washington State back in September for India's workshop, we gathered bunches of this stuff from the trees there and tried it as a dye plant but the results were unspectacular.

 We took these photos on the afternoon ramble along the beach north of our house.

Trees and houses are not the only things getting gussied up however.

Flossy received a garland of lights from her beloved Dad, the Sailor!

Wishing you all the best of the Advent/Solstice season.  
Love and light, dear Readers!

(Have a gander at all the other garlands over at Woolfie N's beguiling blog).


  1. so many lovely and different garlands!
    lovely holidays to you!

  2. I wish I could sit down in you kitchen with this twinkle lights.

  3. I, too, thought of moss! Flossie looks quite festive this holiday season. :-)

  4. I love the pictures of the old trees, so beautiful! I lights outside always make me smile, but that smile came this time with that picture of your dog! haha, so funny, looks like he likes it too ;-)

  5. hello Sus, nice to be here again, just love the moss garlands.
    this time of year we need some pretty lights do we, your home looks very ready for dark but festive days, so does Flossy :)) xx

  6. wauw... that huge tree!

    i love the glimses in your life
    your surroundings
    here too we have lights outside
    fairytale like ;^))

  7. what a splendor! But mostly I love the trees!
    have a good time x Stefanie

  8. Wonderful garlands Sus- I love your walk way and those trees! and of course Flossy in lights pretty darn cute!!

  9. Honestly! Flossy is well aware of just HOW splendid she is with this circle of magic light round her neck. She is downright demure in this shot. Just perfect and wonderful. Kisses to Flossy.
    Friends meeting on a walkway in the winter time of year with sparkling lights strung on tree is pretty much perfect hey? Love your lights Sus! *smiles* Norma, x

  10. beautiful nature garlands! but flossy's is the best!!
    :-) mano

  11. Those natural garlands are stunning!
    And Flossy made me smile. Every dog needs a garland like this, hihi! ;o)

  12. A peek into your world. The mossy tree is bewitching.

  13. i can't help it.... i am very intrigued by what's happening outside your window in image 1. looks like a picture to be taken off, i find... ;))))
    thxs for playing sus!!!!! am late visiting, sorry. x


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