Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tidal River Finale

It has taken me until this morning to get back to the library to photograph the finished installation - the week is a blur.  My priority list was top-heavy!  I have declared today an official 'day off', and a time to reflect and restore my energy for what is coming roaring down the river next.

Enjoy with me these photos of 'Tidal River'.

The scale-able drawing and plans I had labored over in advance were invaluable.
Hanging above the circulation desk, the silk panels move gently in the ambient air currents.
Looking back toward the front entrance.

A view from the front entry lobby, looking into the rest of our beautiful new community space.

View from the stairs leading up to the circulation desk from the lower level stacks.

The library was designed by Corey Wall of MRV Architects, Juneau.
OK, I am off to the studio to putter around on this rainy Saturday afternoon.  Flossy and I have a date for tea out at my friend Polly's at 2pm, and then we'll go home to the Sailor and his fire.  

I will be back here tomorrow to post the Drawing Challenge as proposed by Woolfie N.


  1. Lady, I can tell you : a GRAND FINALE it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations Library, with this wonderful art work !!!!!

    (Oh my Sus : I think you were glad you didn't have to hang it
    yoursélf !)
    Have a good rest / weekend xxx

  2. Wow...just awesome! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. What a beautiful community space! And the art work is spectacular! It looks so beautiful in this space, and I can picture it moving with the air flow. I actually think it is perfect too as this weeks theme of garland.

  4. Very beautiful, sus, you must be soooo proud! I can only imagine what those panels must look like gently moving with the air currents .... ooooh la la. Wondering what the reflective disks are made from? or perhaps they are painted? They add such a wonderful dimension to the piece ....

    Your town sure has good taste when it comes to architecture AND art ;>]]

  5. What a wonderful installation to inaugurate your community's library! Congrats, Sus :)

  6. It looks wonderful, Sus, and as each piece by each artist is installed, the space becomes ever more magical! Take a well-deserved rest. xxx

  7. sounds like perfect commitment, all ways.
    amazing, simply stunning.
    'd love to see it move gently.
    okay, i can imagine it.

  8. i remember you telling about this
    and look how amazing it became!
    it's beautiful
    and like nadine, i would love to
    see it move gently

  9. wonderful a floating river of laces of blue and green silk and I'm sure in real it looks even more stunning! Well done!!!
    Hugs Barbara bee

  10. Congrats! it looks stunning! and so ethereal I love it and in such a modern looking space - you must be thrilled!!!


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