Thursday, May 15, 2014

In Denver with Seattle Blues - roy g Biv

The color of the month for the Roy G Biv challenge is BLUE.  Knowing I would be away from home on the third Thursday, I captured mine before leaving Seattle. 

I don't know what this little ground-cover flower is but it is ubiquitous in Seattle rockeries.

Snappy blue sports car: let's go!

My friend Ruth always said 'Blue cries for Orange'.

This sky-blue ceramic planter is a real eye-catcher.

A wonderful, faded-denim blue flower pot graces a garden.

The old street names in my Ballard neighborhood can still be seen in sidewalk tiles on some blocks.

Many more blue views can be enjoyed over through links over at Jennifer's place.
I will be back here on Sunday with Kristen's 'memory' drawing challenge.


  1. What great blues! Love the car and house. Are either yours? Enjoy!

  2. Hi Susan- Love the blue house "crying for orange" and the street tiles.

  3. I love the title of your post - and you found such a great collection of blues around your neighborhood! Those old tile street signs are amazing...

  4. Love the blue street sign - an my husband would love that car. We have one in the same colour (rather faded due to its age) sitting on our drive awaiting repair ...

  5. so many gorgeous blues!
    wishing you a good time away~

  6. You have captured a great assortment of blues! Love those flowers and the blue painted house. Your title made me think of Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again"!

  7. I want to paint my house blue now. Nice collection of blues, enjoyed them very much.

  8. that tiny blue flower grows over here as well. it even grows in cracks of walls, if it's the same little handsome devil. i've known it forever and it is a favourite of mine. so nice to find it here, amongst your blues... n♥

  9. Wonderful and one can say blue is more than a color!
    barbara bee


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