Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good Bye to Mornings on the Highline Canal Trail

In Denver all month, we walked the Highline Canal Trail every morning to catch the sun rise.
Flossy really liked spending a bit of time off leash, chasing squirrels and visiting with the ducks who shared the path and the mornings with us.
 Grasses blowing in the cool beneath the giant old cotton wood trees made shifting patterns as I thought about the day ahead, and asked for direction; for comfort sometimes.
Tomorrow we will be heading north and west, leaving Colorado - perhaps for the rest of our lives.
And although we are excited for the drive - who doesn't love a great summer road trip? - we are going to be sad, too.  My Father, born here, and my Mother, who raised our family, five miles from this neighborhood. 

Who ever thought we would be this old? 
Who ever knew we would travel so far?
And thank God...
we can't know these things.
We probably couldn't bear it.
I will be taking a little blog break now, but will be posting to my Instagram place as we travel, as well as visiting around Blogland in the interim.  Flossy and I wish all a beautiful end of May and hope to see you in early June when we get back to Seattle and whatever the future may bring.


  1. I was born in Denver.

    May I wish you, Flossy, and everyone in your family
    smooth paths wherever they may lead.

    p.s. I am NOT telling Isla about Flossy's off-leash squirrel chasing time.
    nuh-uh, no way.

  2. Safe travels back to the west coast! Love to you.

  3. wishing you a journey full of grace and wonder.
    my heart leans towards yours as your feelings rise and flow.
    sounds like you had lovely walks and memories. time truly does pass. to be absorbed in the moment seems to slow it a little bit.

  4. Happy traveling, Sus, and may all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled as you move forward...

  5. You made my heart just a little bit bigger with this post Sus. And seeing Flossy's dear face just almost breaks my heart with joy. Namaste friend, see you in a few weeks. Good safe journey. N, x

  6. The first photo is so absolutely beautiful. ....take care and safe travels.

  7. hi!
    i am the dc host this week
    are you in?

    Patrice A.


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