Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Foot in the Snow

This eagle landed in a nearby tree to watch Flossy run around on the beach, kept clean of snow by the tide.
 The half-moon floating at 3pm.
Seattle Girl is visiting this week - we got locked out of my car and had a great walk while we waited for the Sailor to rescue us.
Alpine-glow mountain peaking above a foot of snow on the muskeg...
as the sun goes down another day closer to Solstice.


  1. Beautiful photos. The light in the last few is really stunning. Looks a LOT colder and snowier up your way, stay warm!

  2. I like that snow-capped eagle in the snow-capped tree.

  3. 'the beach kept clean of snow by the tide' really strikes me... water keeping a different form of itself away... my goodness. xoxo (and the alpine glow!!)


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