Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sketchbook Project II

The past couple of weeks I have been working away on Christmas gifts for people - my family - who may drop by this blog occasionally.  So instead of posting images of these projects and possibly blowing the surprise, I will show you some recent pages drawn in my Sketchbook Project. 
These images are ramblings from my subconscious, as un-edited by my Left Brain Judge as is possible. 
As I wrote in a previous post, I am using the transparent properties of the sketchbook pages to let each new image spring from the previous one.
 Sometimes it's ok to not have any color...
 ...or only a very little...
...but I do love my Prismacolor pencils.
 Last evening it got too late and I had to go to bed before I finished the drawing below.  I want way more color here, but have a drafting job to get out tonight, so the Sketchbook must wait, for now.
Hope your new week is filled with brightness in this darkest time of year here in the Northern latitudes. 


  1. Pennies from heaven...springs, humans sort of...I think you are choreographing a cirque du soliel show.

  2. I love your sketches, Susan. I know I already said that! Your drawing skills are wonderful.

  3. oh i love LOVE these, susan! thank you! i have a smile on my face now. : ) xoxo


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