Sunday, January 16, 2011

Animal Feet

Dneese over at Grrl+Dog was wondering about how our animals' paws keep from freezing in all the cold.  We amused ourselves on this quiet Sunday by taking the following photos, which document the amazing weather-proofing our beach animals are equipped with.
 William Wallace foot #1
 William Wallace foot #2
 Thomas foot
Flossy shows her front paw.  
(Sorry, we couldn't get a picture of Bertram's feet, which are fabulously well covered in nice thick fur.  He was against this whole thing).
Winter weather continues with two days of steady snow.  Looking out my south window this morning, I saw a deer was browsing the beach for breakfast.
 mixed media on cotton; 5"x8"
Tomorrow is a holiday at the Mighty Mighty Day Job - I will be glad of an extra day in the studio.  A creative week to you!


  1. ArtSparker, I laugh! (Bertram is a recalcitrant orange cat, brother of Thomas and President of the Anti-Human League).

  2. my dog betty has fury feet, she is a labrador, malimu, dingo, ridgeback cross. she hates the heat and is always swimming in the dam near the house.



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