Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eagle and Oyster

The weekend was wet, rain turning the snow to icy slush difficult to tread - except on the good old beach.  We wandered that way.
About a mile north of our house, we came across an immature bald eagle feasting on a carcass.  Flossy had to be warned off.  These creatures are as big as she is.
We couldn't tell exactly what dead thing he was making his meal of, but there was competition from several other birds.
He didn't budge for them or for the likes of us.
On the way back home, we walked out onto the spit where the Sailor found this nice oyster, remnant of the experimental oyster farm located here briefly in the mid-'90's.  Oysters can't reproduce in these waters - too cold.  We put this fellow back on the flats in peace. 
William Wallace was waiting for us when we got back, ready to come in from the damp cold and curl up by the new wood stove.
Peace and warmth to you.


  1. Ah, going out in order to return.

  2. Bald eagles, snow and cozy fires- so nice to visit, it really is a world away.

  3. William Wallace does look ready for that stove! Pasha is curled up down there after a full day out in the snow.... and nice eagle shot.
    Happy warm fires!

  4. thanks for taking me for a walk with you, really enjoyed it.

    my feet got cold, but it was worth it.


  5. how did i miss this?! your house looks so warm and cozy! xoxo


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