Friday, January 7, 2011

Small Work from Ohmer Creek

I am going to show you the small pieces I began working on back in late summer/fall which I just finally finished binding.  These are based on my walks at the water meadow and on the beach.
This work is all approximately 3x5 or 4x6 inches, cut from cotton I painted with procion dyes.
 This piece has beading and couched threads in addition to machine and hand stitching.
Machine stitching only on this one.
This is a tribute to the gorgeous orange grass the Seattle Girl likes.  The edges are finished with that wonderful recycled sari silk yarn from Treenway Silks in British Columbia.
A combination of machine and hand stitching on procion painted cotton.
'My Blue Heart', approximately 3"x5" - machine and hand stitching, acrylic paint on hand-cut rubber stamp.
'Home Fires, II'
'My Red, Red Heart'


  1. These are lovely. What happens next with these little works? Are they framed or to be put up?

    I have gotten the needle and thread out again after years. It is soothing to work in fabric, though for me it just clothing embellishment at this point.

  2. Thank you, Zom. I have been framing this type of work after first mounting by small discrete stitches on matt board or stretched canvas.
    Hand sewing is a wonderful soothing activity, very meditative in its repetition.

  3. oh, my eyes are smiling! i'm glad zom asked what comes next for them, because i was wondering too... even if they were going to live in a stack somewhere, that'd be fine... : ) xoxo

  4. Some wonderful colour here. and great design work. I love your mix of machine and hand stitching and blended dye work.


  5. These are really nice, Susan. The color, the detail... The patience!

  6. Thanks for the visit, all! Lynne, the Stack is where so much of my larger work is living...
    T and Rick, I do loves me some color! Sewing is really just another form of drawing - very addictive.

  7. These are lovely, even more so because of their diminutive stature I think. Big things happening in small spaces.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa, and appreciating the small!


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