Thursday, January 20, 2011

Slush Demands Color

All that beautiful snow is melting into slippery gray oblivion.  Town is rather a mess on foot or by car.

Color in the studio was the only antidote.  I escaped into my sewing machine.
K. has commissioned a pouch for her electronic book.  I curve-pieced a tree.
The lining is silk I picked up in Singapore on speculation.
 More rain is predicted into the foreseeable future - I am grateful for the color within!


  1. We had a day of rain and melting and the, just as suddenly, a re-freeze. So, the beautiful light snow is now crusty... but a lot nicer than slush, I think! Today, luckily, another storm of light and fluff, and I'm enjoying the contrast between the interior rich reds and patterns and the exterior expanse of white. Hope the slush clears out for you, in the meantime,
    happy creating, that's a beautiful pouch!

  2. wonderful escape from the grey.


  3. The blues and the greens are quite lovely with the gray. You just can't take a bad photo.

  4. I know just what you mean about finding your colours inside these days - it is grey and gloomy here too. Still, your photos are very nice, capturing well the grey day. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. this is beautiful, sus... and i agree - slush demands color. : ) xoxo

  6. The colour! The colour!!

  7. That slush reminds me of Halifax, where in winter a good pair of boots was an absolute necessity (snow, followed by rain, followed by snow followed by rain...).

  8. With my first glance at your top photograph I thought how colorful -- at least for Petersburg this winter. That is if you don't compare it to that wonderful pouch.


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