Monday, May 9, 2011

Dark and Light

In Denver to help with a family medical emergency,  I find time each day to walk in and out of memory along the canal. 
Rough bark covers the stately trunks of these old cotton woods.  I imagine secrets in dark places.
The medical world is a technological mystery, hard to get information that makes sense, especially when it is information that you don't want to face.  Uncertainty is the prevailing emotion.
  Well I guess that is life - fragile, no guarantees, crooked and gray - near death the facts get very very clear...
love and each other is the most important thing we have. 
In our weakness is God's strength. 

Hold on.


  1. "Love and each other is the most important thing we have", that is so very true.
    Wish you and your loved ones all the strength you need

  2. Sorry to hear you're navigating this... strength and support to you.


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