Sunday, May 1, 2011


They were the best group ever: fearless, focused, and fabulous.  I began Wednesday afternoon with a demo of low-water emersion processes.  A couple of hours later, thrilled cries of delight were coming from the sinks as people rinsed out their first-ever hand dyed fabrics.
The next session I introduced the class to thickened dyes and some of the ways of working with them including monoprinting and stamping.  They experimented intensely.
 As the week went on, visions began to form and finished pieces emerged from chaos.  I thoroughly enjoyed my role as cheerleader, soda ash solution preparer, title suggestor, and guide.

I find that the most helpful question an artist can ask is “What would happen if…”.  My workshop students were all examples of the wonderful strides in self-expression that can be made when this question is asked and answered.
 Finished work at the gala art exhibit and awards ceremony Saturday night.


  1. Iiiiiiie WOW!!! Wish I was there to look and participate. The exhibit is great: they must have been mighty proud! (love the hanging on sticks (My "winners" are the sun and the spiral ....but : everyone was a winner !Gongrats to your students! and you of course)

  2. Would love to have taken this class!

  3. I am so envious of your students.

  4. Wonderful. Sounds like you had a great time too. Well done.

  5. Hello from a fellow Alaskan, ( and sometime Arizonian) I just found you thru Urbandon.
    We just ferried near your area last week on our return home.
    Happy Springtime.
    xoxo Kim


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