Monday, May 16, 2011

My Mother's (Bead) Soup

My mother and I share a passion for making things.  While I've been staying here in Denver, she has been sharing her wonderful bead stash with me.  I used her bead 'soup' and some remnant fabric to build a little bag for myself.
I ironed interfacing onto the bag's closure flap and drew the outline of my design. 
 The light on my beading tray is provided by a dandy little bitty Ott Light that clamps onto anything.
Here's the finished piece, which measures about 8x10 inches...
...and a detail of my beaded snake on the flap.


  1. Love it- reminds me of elementary school, there were letters in different shapes, and of course there was a snake shaped like an S.

  2. LOVE it Sus ! A green beauty.
    (The snake was our first animal of power in the mandala group)


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