Monday, May 30, 2011


Stopping in Seattle on the way back home I got to do some more filling of my creative well as we walked around the city yesterday. Saw the incredible exhibit of Sound Suits Nick Cage had on display at SAM.
On Fifth Avenue - fashion...
Near the freeway - demolition...
In the park - blossoms...
In a storefront - machines...
Second Avenue and my friend DB...
DB's mum's apartment has a stunning view.
She is a knitter.
Today I am hooking up with my daughter for another day's ramble.  Tomorrow - HOME!


  1. Great photos, Sus, especially that dress!! And thanks for the piece on Nick Cave. Hope all went well in Denver, welcome home!

  2. Isn't Nick Cage wonderful? If he lived in Japan, he would be one of their living national treasures. That dress is inspiring, indeed.

  3. LOVE the photos! Especially the dress!! WOW, it inspired me...

  4. Thanks, everyone, and greetings from SeaTac as I wait for my early flight home this morning - Nick Cage's work was the most inspiring collection of fabulousness I have see in a long long time. Hope you can all get a chance to see an exhibit of his if you haven't yet, and the someday I can see him perform live.

  5. Lucky to see the Nick Cave exhibition.


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