Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Quilt Tahoe - Arrival Day

The setting is far more beautiful than I imagined...

 ...on the shore of Lake Tahoe...
...which is a mighty big piece of water.

Very fresh and piney air...

  ...with sometimes the smell of wood smoke.

 Lots of boulders and rock formations...

...with ice forming on the puddles.

Frozen flowers...

...and leaves...

 ...still decked out... autumn splendor.

The sound of waves from the white-capped water breaking on the rocks...

 ...and the scolding of a blue jay as the chill wind blew a flurry of snow flakes.

Today my surface design class with the incomparable Jane Dunnewold began - of which I will write more about tomorrow.  For now, good night!


  1. What a wonderful place to be Sus! Can almost feel the freshness in the air (like when we used to go skiing in the Alps!!
    That blue jay ... I really didn't know they were THAT blue!!! Amazing coloured bird!
    I was already curious about your Jane Dunnewold workshop (for 4 days it was ???! Lucky you!)Have to be a bit more patient ;-)

  2. Beautiful... and love seeing the blue jay - very different from ours. I had a lovely pileated woodpecker this morning, right outside the window. Have a great time!

  3. Good for you--enjoying Tahoe and taking what looks like an amazing workshop! Thanks for sharing the link--lots to read and see there.
    xoxo Deborah

  4. Oh my gosh it's pretty there! I looked up Jane D's and am amazed with her work. Can't wait to see what you'll create. Have fun. xo


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