Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hanging with Felt

I was excited to get going on new explorations in my studio this week but had a project to complete first – mounting the larger pieces for my exhibit which opens a week from today.  Jane Dunnewold has developed a very clean method of hanging her fiber art  which I gladly adapted for my own situation.  (Look for the tutorial about attaching aluminum bars).

For each completed painting I cut a piece of Eco felt and two pieces of Misty Fuse 4” x the width of the piece.

Using a Teflon protector sheet, I ironed one of the Misty Fuse pieces to the top back of my art and the other to the felt.  

Next I carefully bonded the felt to the back of the painting, pressing with my iron on the right side of the artwork first and then again from the felt side.  I used my Teflon protector sheet where I had textile paint or other surface design applied over the dye painted cloth.
 Next, I cut strips of wood lath the width of the felt...
 drilled hanging holes...
 and applied Velcor ‘teeth’ along the entire length.  
'Life at 30,000 Feet' approx 17"x 20"; procion and oil stick on cotton with machine stitching
The Velcro grabs the felt and holds the piece securely on the wall.  Very cool!
There was time enough left in the day to make an inventory of all my rubber stamps and reorganize them into categories for easier finding in my drawer.  They look happier, and very inviting all squared away!
happy stamp drawer!


  1. All very cool. LOVE your stamp collection. p.s. the link to the tutorial doesn't work. Have a great weekend!

  2. Brilliant idea! Your happy stamp drawer is smiling from one container to the next. Ohhhhhh and your "Life at 30,000 Feet" is stunning!!!


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