Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Walk and New Explorations

Over the weekend 24 inches of new snow have transformed our island from fall to winter.  The beach - cleared of snow by the tide - makes for the easiest walking before it gets too dark in the late afternoon.

In the morning, I walk to Falls Creek.  Standing on the bridge, the stillness is profound, broken only by the creek's whispering as it rushes toward the falls into the Wrangell Narrows.

Flossy breads herself in snow.  She is impervious to the cold with her double coat of fur.

At the studio I feel the influence of the grey winter days...
'South Mitkof' procion dye on cotton with machine stitching, textile paint and beads

...and experiment with textile paints, building up layers on cotton and linen with stamping.

detail - work in progress
Thanks to those of you who have recently posted about following your intuition to do what you WANT to do rather than what your internal Judge tells you you SHOULD do in the studio.  Very helpful to feel validation for honoring my open-ended explorations.  Everything does not always have to serve an immediate goal or purpose.  Ramble on  - the process is its own reward!


  1. Lots of snow! I'm glad to still have a bit of a respite since the October snows so the outdoor chores can get finished - done with wood, now on to leaves, LOADS of leaves.

    I love the photo of the little tree reflected in the water, and Flossy looks pretty cute all tipped in snow. And, absolutely, if we don't branch out and experiment, we won't find new things that might influence us or become a part of our work someday. I've had wonderful seemingly unrelated experiments over the years become very useful tools and techniques for the work I'm doing now.... yay for making outside the box!

  2. LOVE your pictures and Flossy looks great.
    (a lot happened, will look better later, love)

  3. Great photos, especially the one of Flossy. Re: artmaking, yes, just do what you're moved to do. Period. Have a wonderful week. xo

  4. flossy is so perfectly 'dressed' for your climate...

    yes! yes! to the process and its wandering ways! thank you for following your intuition and validating that for me. the immensity of how we're all supporting one another online boggles my mind.


  5. a tinsel covered dog!

    And yes, feelign what your heart wnts to do is a new process for me too, I have to keep remembering to check in there.


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