Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making Swatches

The bundles we over-dyed Tuesday were ready for the first layer of stamping when we got to class on Wednesday morning.
Jane provided some great exercises to facilitate our swatch-making:

Tone on tone with a registered repeat stamped over the entire cloth...

Registered repeat in a complimentary color...

and scattered design elements using both tone on tone and complimentary colors. We also covered a silk screen and some cloth with flour-and-water paste resist.

I did my first successful silk screening with Jane’s encouragement and help.  I was ELATED to find that I love this process of getting an image on cloth, and feel so grateful to have overcome my fear!

Other processes we learned included glue resists, foiling and gold leafing, freezer paper screening, and working with Thermafax screens.
At the end of the day today, our last, we all hung some of our completed – or nearly completed – work on the wall.  This is but a small sample of the terrific work that was produced by our class over the four days.

Art Quilt Tahoe was a truly wonderful experience all around, mentally, spiritually and physically.  What I learned here is going to take my work to whole new places.  Thank you to Jane Dunnewold, and all the great women I met during this memorable week. 
 Cat in her workshop, hard at it.


  1. Oh my gosh, ooking at these made my heart race! VERY exciting work going on. xo

  2. Gee, I love your silkscreening. Beautiful. Much better than mine ( I know it is winge but I couldn't help it.)

  3. Wow, love this screening on dyed cloth. You can add different tchniques to it again and again .... inspiring

  4. Fantastic work, Sus. So glad you had the oppty to work with Jane!

  5. Wonderful work with some wonderful effects all round.

  6. Love these! I would bet that Screen printing will be something you will do more of. Very fine work!!

  7. Such a vast array of cloth and color. Amazing results. Eye candy.

  8. what a fantastic workshop, and to learn so much ...... incredible.

    thanks for show us your beautiful swatches sus



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