Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Late Afternoon Walk

After work at the studio yesterday we went out the road for the afternoon walk.   We were surprised to be the only ones on the trail, as it was a beautiful out there – clear, still, and not all that cold. 

 At the Slough, Trumpeter Swans were placidly feeding.  Even Flossy’s rambunctious barking didn’t concern them.

The melting snow turned to a perfect drop of ice as the sun went down.

A bit of snow had recently fallen, just enough to remind us that winter still has the stage.

We headed back to my truck as the light dwindled and went on home to supper. 
My birthday today was quiet as befits one turning into her 6th decade.  So much to be grateful for!  Happy week to all; see you Wednesday if not before.

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  1. Oh how lovely to spend your special day in this way. swans and stones all wishing you well as I do too. happy birthday.


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