Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tyvek, Painting, and Drawing

The busy harbor drew me out for a noon walk.  It was all blue and silver out there, a contrast from the colors I was working with in my studio.
crab gear

I am working on my piece for the local wearable art show coming up next month.  Last week I made a scale model.  Today I started painting the real thing, a very large piece of Tyvek.
Tyvek is used as a vapor barrier in house construction, but it makes a dandy painting surface.
I started with primer over the branding.
The paint is acrylic enamel  - I will be covering both sides.  Got this side completed today.
Waiting for the paint to dry on the Tyvek gave me time to carry on with a couple of new smaller paintings I started last week.  Here's a look at one when I stopped for the day.

A professor I learned much from used to say 'painting is novel, drawing is journal.  I think about that a lot, since my drawings are so different from my paintings.  My goal with this series is to bring more of my drawing-sense into my paintings.

Do you have a distinctly different style from drawing to painting?


  1. heheh
    this reminds me of when we finished building our house, i was using up all the scraps as studio material

    can't wait to see the final wearable fashion item made from tyvek

  2. That's going to be so cool, Sus! Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Drawing and painting are quite different for me, I don't do a lot of either but painting is loose and decorative and drawing is more precise and painful process. I probably could have developed more if I had practiced all these years, now it hurts just to write a letter.
    Thanks for stopping in to my blog, it's good to be back!
    xoxo Kim

  3. I have so many different styles even WITHIN painting and drawing I must be a closet multi-personality type....

  4. Here tyvek isn't used in house building (or at least I think it isn't ....) We buy it by the metre on a crafts fair or at a textile artists organization ... A big work again !
    Love to use tyvek from time to time and then use a heat tool (or just a normal iron) but : hard to controle then !
    Are the paintings on canvas or on tyvek too ?

  5. Sus, I've never painted on tyvek but thank you for the idea! It's going to big, big, big......wowzer! Your goal to bring more of you drawing into your paintings is will be exciting to watch the process.
    Have a good weekend. xo

  6. I don't really know what tyvek is. I thought I had some wrapped around a postal package once, but may not have been. I wonder where I could find some.

    Interesting question about the painting and the drawing. In the last several months I have started some new paintings that are more like my drawings than my paintings. It might be kind of a combination. I love drawing more than painting so am enjoying the possible hybrid.

  7. The new style began with this coffin lid.

    I will post when I finish one.

  8. Hi, Readers - usually I respond via email, but today I am going to use comments because you have brought up some things I'd like to add to the content of this post.
    Els - These paintings are on stretched canvas, a novel way to work for me.
    Carole - Yes, this is gigantic, and I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my idea will work. I love working large scale!
    Zom - Tyvek also comes as envelops and I use that for small things like journal covers and beads (burns real cool with a heat gun, like Els mentions). I remember your coffin lid - that was a fascinating project and a beautiful piece!


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