Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tyvek, continued

This morning I dragged my big Tyvek square upstairs to the top floor of the building that houses my studio so I could lay it out on the floor and do the next step.
I checked out a book about origami from the library...

...and followed the directions...
...very carefully...

...until I had a giant origami crane.  Now for the tricky bit: turning it into wearable art!


  1. Hi Sus

    This piece looks like a challenge for you. And another way to brighten up an otherwise greyish winter. I like that.


  2. Iiiii ! magic on a laaaaarge scale !
    (I love origami)

  3. HA! Origami wearable art... better you than me! I'm not sure I'm great at following folding directions, looks like you did very well. Good luck with the wearble part!

    And what's up with these new google word v. words, I can hardly ever read that first one!!

  4. That whopping big chunk of Tyvek is a goldmine! Love the macro origami experiment. Looking forward to the wearable outcome. Good luck on that! Also, your studio space and view are an artists dream.

  5. Impressive folding Sus!!!!! I'm as curious as a cat!

    (I've deleted my word verification off my comments on my blog. Too many people having too much trouble reading the words, myself included.)

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