Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daily Drawing

If you have been reading here for awhile, you know that I am an advocate of drawing, and make it a priority each evening, stopping whatever I am doing by about 9:30pm to dive into my sketchbook for awhile before putting the cats out and climbing the stairs for the night.  (Flossy sleeps in her kennel).  This sketchbook time is valuable for lots of reasons - here is a partial list:
  1. Drawing is very relaxing.
  2. Drawing keeps my hand practiced and my eye sharp - important since I have the Mighty Mighty Day Job three days a week instead of studio time.
  3. Drawing helps me figure out issues I am dealing with in my studio work.
  4. Drawing is a way of recording the events of my day and my inner emotional landscape.
  5. Drawing is PLAY!
Here is what I have drawn in the past week - notice the variation in style which I think is a product of allowing myself to wander freely about the page (or my unbalanced mental state)!

 I am working in a 9"x6" (22.86cmx15.24cm) Aquabee Super Deluxe book with rather rough paper.  The advantage is that it takes wet media very well, however I don't like it as well for my Prismacolor pencils, which feel better to me on a smooth sheet. 
Happy weekend to you all - we are awash in slush this morning here.   I am off to the studio where it is always sunny!


  1. i'm smiling, sus... this *feels* like exploration and play to me. so free... xoxo

  2. Ha Sus, you've been playing nicely this week...
    Hope the sewing of your "dragon wearable" is going just as fine as in the drawing (easier on paper I think ....)


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