Saturday, March 3, 2012

Change in Plans

Sometimes a plan doesn’t work out.  My big idea for big origami wearable art was unsatisfactory, so I have moved on to another scheme.  I cut up a rayon dress acquired at the last clothing exchange and started sewing, painting and pondering.   
The silk organza triangles I stitched together became dimensional in a surprising and much more interesting way than I imagined. 
 My goal for this project is to use only what I have on hand in the studio already.
Stewart Gill textile paints come in a glitter flavor with amazing properties of transformation.  I used them liberally to enhance the plain rayon.

Here is a glimpse of the front of the dress early on in the process this week.  The rest must remain a secret until after the wearable art show next month.

Ever have to change your plan?  I'd love to hear about it.  Happy weekend to all!


  1. Looking wonderful!

  2. Wearable art : I think you're "making a point" here ....

  3. Hi Sus! Yay it's good to be back in blogland visiting you my friend!
    Wow, this will be stunning!
    I change my plans all the time. I love the excitement that goes with change. It can be nerve wracking sometimes but life would be a little boring without it!
    All the best to you this week. xo

  4. Hi, Sus. Love this project and looking forward to seeing how you finish it! very exciting! I'm like Carole. I change plans all the time, too--which makes it all much more interesting. Imagine if it was all planned out...I'd die of boredom!
    best, nadia


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